Moving abroad from the UK–before and after Brexit

Embarking on a new chapter by moving abroad is a big deal, especially with all the changes that came with Brexit. Don’t worry, though! At SOL Moves, we’ve got your back. We’ll guide you through the process with easy-to-follow tips and friendly advice. Discover Moving Abroad from the UK – before and after Brexit.

Moving Abroad from the UK – Before and After Brexit with SOL Moves

1. What’s the Deal with Post-Brexit?

Brexit happened, and it brought some changes for UK citizens moving abroad. Let’s break down what you need to know.

Quick Brexit Overview: The UK officially left the EU on January 31, 2020, and by December 31, 2020, the transition period was over.

2. Freedom of Movement – No More?

The cool part about freely moving between the UK and EU countries? It’s not a thing anymore. Before Brexit, Brits had the freedom to live and work in EU countries.

Freedom of Movement Check: Sadly, this perk is no longer available post-Brexit.

3. Visas, Visas, Visas

Now, you might need a visa to live and work in an EU country. Don’t stress, though – we’re here to help you figure out the visa situation.

Visa Check: Make sure to check with the local authorities of your destination country to know the visa drill.

4. Working Abroad? Get to Know the New Work Visa Game

If you’re planning to work abroad, the process of getting a work visa might be different now. Take a deep breath, understand the new rules, and get ready for your adventure.

Work Visa Adventure: Brace yourself for potential delays, and make sure all your work visa documents are in order.

5. Short Trips and Residency – Anything New?

Even for short trips, there might be new residency requirements. Each country has its own rules, so stay in the know.

Short Stay Reminder: Check if there are specific rules for short stays in your chosen destination.

6. Hey Expats! What’s Changed?

If you’re already living the expat life in an EU country, there might be changes affecting you, too. Stay in the loop about any shifts in your status and rights.

Expats Alert: If you were living in an EU country before December 31, 2020, things might be different for you.

7. The Covid-19 Curveball

On top of all things Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic adds an extra layer of complexity. Keep an eye on travel restrictions, quarantine rules, and health guidelines.

COVID-19 Move: Plan your move with the pandemic in mind – testing, quarantine, and all that jazz.

8. Healthcare Headache?

Your access to healthcare might change, too. Get the lowdown on the healthcare scene in your destination country and plan accordingly.

Healthcare Hustle: Consider getting good health insurance that covers you in your new home.

9. Let’s Talk to the Locals – Local Authorities That Is

Make friends with the local authorities – both in the UK and your new home. Let them know you’re moving, and make sure you’re following all the rules.

Authority Allies: Notify the UK and your new home’s authorities about your move – better safe than sorry.

10. What’s the Buzz in EU Countries?

Brexit’s not just about the UK. EU countries might have their changes. Stay informed about any agreements that could affect you as a UK citizen in your new home.

EU Buzz Check: Some EU countries have special agreements with the UK, so keep an eye out for those.

Moving abroad from the UK before and after Brexit 2

11. A Million People Affected – You’re Not Alone!

You’re not the only one dealing with post-Brexit changes. Millions of people are in the same boat, navigating through new rules and uncertainties.

Million People Impact: It’s a big change, but you’re not alone in this adventure.

12. Hire the Pros – International Moving Services

Moving abroad can be a bit tricky post-Brexit, so why not let the experts handle it? International moving services, like SOL Moves, know the ins and outs and can make your life easier.

Moving Buddy: Let us be your moving buddies – we’re here to make your transition smoother.

13. Customs? Let’s Talk

Post-Brexit, customs might slow things down a bit. Be ready for potential delays and extra paperwork when you’re moving your stuff.

Customs Chat: Stay informed about customs in both the UK and your new home – no surprises!

14. Plan Like a Pro

With all these changes, you need a solid plan. Cover everything from visa stuff to settling into your new pad.

Moving Strategy: Map out your move step by step – visas, settling in, the whole shebang.

15. What’s the Money Move?

Brexit has some economic impacts. Keep an eye on currency rates, financial rules, and any money changes that might affect your move.

Financial IQ: Talk to financial experts if you need to navigate any economic shifts during or after your move.

16. Navigating Paperwork – It’s a bit of a Maze

Post-Brexit bureaucracy might be a bit of a maze. Stay patient, keep your documents in order, and tackle any paperwork challenges head-on.

Paperwork Hurdles: Keep your essential documents organized and be ready to tackle any paperwork hurdles.

17. Work Scene – Get the Lowdown

If you’re moving for work, get the scoop on the local work vibe. Understand workplace norms and get ready to dive into a new work culture.

Workplace Dive: Embrace the chance to learn and adapt to your new work culture – it’s a fresh start!

18. UK Government Got Your Back

The UK government’s got resources to help you out. Check their websites for info on moving abroad and the latest post-Brexit updates.

Government Guide: Visit the official UK government sites for the 411 on moving abroad and the latest post-Brexit info.

19. June 2021 – What Went Down?

Something big happened in June 2021 that might affect your move. Make sure you know what changes came into play after that date.

June 2021 Update: Be aware of any policies or changes that kicked in after June 2021 – it might impact your move.

20. Social and Cultural Dive

Beyond rules and logistics, think about the social and cultural side of your move. Embrace the chance to soak in a new culture and make connections in your new community.

Cultural Dive: Learn about local customs, traditions, and social norms – it’ll help you settle in faster.

21. Build Your Support Squad

Moving abroad can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Build a support system by connecting with other expats, joining local groups, and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Support Crew: Join online groups, connect with locals, and stay in touch with loved ones – you’re not alone!

Moving abroad from the UK before and after Brexit 3

22. Talk the Talk – Learn Some Local Lingo

If English isn’t the main language in your new home, a few basic phrases can go a long way. Learn a bit of the local lingo to make life easier.

Language Prep: Use language apps or take an online course to pick up some basic phrases before you move.

23. Stay Connected – Don’t Forget Your Roots

Stay close to home, even when you’re far away. Use technology to stay connected with family and friends.

Digital Connections: Video calls, updates, and virtual gatherings – technology makes staying connected a breeze.

24. Traveling Post-Brexit – What’s the Deal?

Brexit shook up travel rules, too. Keep tabs on passport requirements, visa-free travel rules, and any restrictions that might affect your travel plans.

Travel Tips: Check your passport’s expiration date and look into travel requirements for your destination and any layovers.

25. Ready for the Adventure?

Amid all these changes, remember moving abroad post-Brexit is an adventure! Embrace it, learn from it, and get ready for a new chapter.

Adventure Time: Think of it as a chance to grow, experience new things, and make lasting memories in your new home. Happy moving!