4 things to do when moving house

Moving house is a big undertaking, but with SOL Moves, the process becomes smoother. Let’s break down the essential tasks to ensure a stress-free transition to your new home.

4 Things to Do When Moving House with SOL Moves

1. Set the Moving Date

Choose a moving date that suits your schedule and aligns with your plans. Confirm this date with your chosen removal company to secure their services.

Date Coordination: Coordinate with friends and family to ensure they are available to assist on the chosen moving day.

2. Update Your Address Everywhere

Don’t forget to update your address with relevant entities. Notify your utility suppliers, council tax office, home insurance provider, and anyone else who needs your new information.

Address Update: From utility companies to the post office, keep everyone in the loop about your change of address.

3. Organize Utility Services

Contact utility suppliers for your new home and arrange for services to be set up on or before moving day. This includes gas, electricity, water, and any other essential utilities.

Utility Coordination: Ensure a smooth transition by setting up utility services well in advance of moving day.

4. Secure Important Documents

Gather and secure important documents such as passports, IDs, and moving contracts. Keep these in a designated folder for easy access during the move.

Document Safekeeping: Safeguarding crucial documents ensures a smooth process and avoids last-minute searches.

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5. Plan for Council Tax Changes

Contact your local council tax office to update your information. This ensures you are correctly billed at your new address, preventing any issues down the line.

Council Tax Update: Keep council tax changes on your radar to maintain accurate billing information.

6. Check Your Home Insurance

If you have home insurance, update your provider with your new address. Confirm that your coverage extends to your new home, providing continued protection.

Insurance Confirmation: Ensure your home is covered from day one by updating your insurance with the new address.

7. Gas and Electricity Transition

Take meter readings for gas and electricity at both your old and new homes. This helps avoid billing discrepancies and ensures accurate tracking of your usage.

Meter Transition: Capture meter readings for a smooth transition in gas and electricity services.

8. Vehicle Registration Update

Don’t forget to update your vehicle registration with the appropriate authorities. Notify them of your change of address to receive important correspondence.

Vehicle Update: Keep your vehicle registration information current by updating your address promptly.

9. Familiarize Yourself with the Fuse Box

Before you move into your new home, locate the fuse box. Understanding its location ensures you can quickly address any electrical issues that may arise.

Fuse Box Familiarity: A quick orientation to the fuse box can save time and stress in case of electrical concerns.

10. Choose a Reliable Removals Company

Selecting a removal company is crucial. Choose one with a good reputation, positive reviews, and a track record of reliable service to ensure a smooth moving day.

Removals Selection: Take your time in choosing a removals company to guarantee a stress-free moving experience.

11. Coordinate with Friends and Family

Enlist the help of friends and family on moving day. Their support makes the process more enjoyable, and it’s an excellent way to share the experience.

Moving Team: Collaborate with friends and family to create a moving team for a smoother transition.

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12. Consider Vehicle Logistics

Think about the logistics of transporting your belongings. If you’re using your vehicle, ensure it’s in good working condition and plan the loading and unloading process.

Vehicle Logistics: Strategize how your vehicle will play a role in the moving process for optimal efficiency.

13. Use Redirection Services

Take advantage of redirection services offered by entities like the post office. This ensures that any mail sent to your old address is redirected to your new one.

Mail Redirection: Implement redirection services to avoid missing important mail during the transition.

14. Don’t Forget the Post Office Update

Visit the post office and update your address. This step complements redirection services and ensures your mail is correctly directed from the start.

Post Office Update: Physically updating your address at the post office adds an extra layer of assurance.

15. Consult Estate Agents

If you’re moving from a property managed by estate agents, inform them of your move. Clear any outstanding matters and ensure a smooth handover of keys.

Estate Agents Communication: Maintain open communication with estate agents to facilitate a seamless property transition.

16. Moving House Checklist Review

Go through your moving house checklist one more time before the big day. Confirm that all items are ticked off and nothing has been overlooked.

Checklist Double-Check: A final review ensures that you’re well-prepared for the moving day ahead.

17. Update Your Address Everywhere

Double-check that you’ve updated your address everywhere. From subscriptions to official documents, ensuring consistency is key to a smooth transition.

Comprehensive Update: A thorough address update prevents confusion and ensures you receive correspondence at the correct location.

18. Coordinate with Friends and Family

Coordinate with your support team – friends and family – to confirm their availability on moving day. A well-coordinated effort makes the process efficient and enjoyable.

Team Coordination: Regular communication with your moving team ensures everyone is on the same page for a successful move.

19. Confirm the Moving Date

Reconfirm the moving date with your chosen removal company. This step prevents any last-minute hiccups and ensures a smooth transition.

Moving Date Confirmation: A final check ensures that all parties are aligned on the chosen moving day.

20. Plan for Council Tax Changes

Double-check council tax changes and ensure that your new address is correctly updated. This proactive approach prevents any issues related to billing.

Council Tax Assurance: Confirming council tax updates guarantees accurate billing at your new residence.

21. Vehicle Registration Update

Verify that your vehicle registration has been successfully updated with your new address. This step prevents any delays in receiving important vehicle-related communications.

Smooth Vehicle Update: A quick verification ensures that your vehicle information is up-to-date for a hassle-free transition.

22. Consult Estate Agents 

If you’re working with estate agents, stay in touch with them as moving day approaches. Confirm any necessary arrangements for a seamless transition.

Estate Agents Connection: Maintaining a connection with estate agents aids in addressing any last-minute details and ensures a smooth handover.

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23. Gas and Electricity Transition

Once you’ve settled into your new home, confirm the transition of gas and electricity services. This ensures a seamless continuation of essential utilities.

Post-Move Utility Check: Double-checking utilities post-move guarantees a comfortable and functional home environment.

24. Celebrate Your Move

Take a moment to celebrate your successful move. Whether it’s a small gathering with friends and family or a personal toast, acknowledge the accomplishment.

Move Celebration: Recognizing and celebrating your move marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

25. Unwind and Settle In

After the move, take some time to unwind and settle into your new home. Unpack at your own pace, and enjoy the feeling of being in your new space.

Relaxation Time: Embrace the process of settling in and allow yourself the opportunity to unwind after a successful move.

In conclusion, with SOL Moves, moving house becomes a well-organized and positive experience. Follow these steps, and your transition to a new home will be seamless. Happy moving!