Commercial Removals

Local and National Commercial Removals

Removal Services on a Larger Scale

They can include schools, hospitals, businesses, universities and more.

Once you come to us with an enquiry, we will do some research on your business and begin to plan according to the information you have provided us. No matter the size of your move, our team are equipped to carry out your move with expertise.

We Can Help You

We can help you to relocate your office both nationally and locally, whichever you require. Our team is able to help you with simple office furniture and equipment removals. They can also help with much more complex projects. This involving the relocation and removals of businesses.

Commercial removals require a lot more organisation and planning in comparison to a domestic move. As a business, you will also need to notify a larger group of people about your relocation. This is so that customers, staff and items such as packages can be sent to the right address. The longer you plan in advance, the more professional your business will be. Alerting people of this as soon as possible is sensible.

If you choose us for your move, one of our established team members will visit your premises to get an idea of the service you may need. They will also provide you with a timeframe and any extras such as wrapping and packing. Once you receive your quote, we will then begin to discuss your move. A possible moving date, as well as the dates of any other services that may be needed, can be arranged.

When you receive your confirmation of your services, we will include a breakdown along with the prices. We ensure to include everything we have spoken to you about previously. In addition, we also encourage you to read our terms and conditions. This so you understand the result of any issues with your move. Things such as this can be whether the team runs over the agreed time limit, or whether there are more or fewer items than before. The terms and conditions will highlight what will happen in cases such as this.

There is no job too big or too small

And throughout our years as a reputable company, we have been faced with a number of unforeseen situations. This has benefited us. We have learned how to act in unexpected situations.

We have experience in moving specialist equipment, such as IT equipment and even hospital equipment. This has allowed us to improve our knowledge of the methods of moving and the most efficient ways to do so.

Many companies have to relocate in order to grow and expand. This will often mean moving into a bigger unit or premises. We can work both during the working/school days and outside of working and school hours. Whichever option is best and most convenient for you is the one that we will choose. We can also work in and out of term time in the case of schools. This means that we will be able to complete the job much faster.

Bigger commercial moves, such as hospitals, can require huge removal services. This may be the case when a whole hospital is to be relocated, in comparison to a ward or two.