Removals can be stressful. When you think of moving, it may often be to somewhere near you or within the same country

We Also Cater to Moves Outside of the UK

The means our services are much more varied than that of other companies. We are not afraid to take on a challenge, and this has given us the opportunity to leave our customers with a smile on their face and the knowledge that we have given them the best move possible. Whilst it can be daunting to plan a move, let alone one out of the country, planning is key. Without planning, it is almost impossible to make a move go smoothly, and organisation is vital.


We suggest planning your move as soon as you can. Be it before you accept your offer, keeping track of everything is important. A tip from us is to put your plans somewhere you can see them often – a desk, a journal etc. This will allow you to review and change anything necessary and give you the chance to memorise and take note of things you may need to do.


You must also prioritise. Make a list of things that you need to do and arrange them in the order you find most suitable. Examples of this can include changing address, planning out where you are going to put belongings in your new house, what you need to take and what you may wish to donate to charity. It is important to declutter when moving, especially somewhere that you may have to pay shipping or storage fees; you do not want to take more than you need and end up spending money you don’t need to.

Keeping important things to hand

Possibly the most important thing to remember, as with any move, is documentation. Keep these to hand, perhaps altogether in a folder or envelope that you can fit into a bag you can take with you on the day. Guaranteed, you won’t need to keep your passport close when moving within the same country, but you will when moving abroad! A list of the items you will need on your person on the day can include house keys, travel passes, etc.