8 places to get Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

Planning a move? Don’t break the bank on moving boxes! SOL Moves has your back with this friendly guide on where to snag free cardboard moving boxes. Let’s dive into creative and cost-effective ways to make your move a breeze. Discover 8 places to get Free Cardboard Moving Boxes.

8 places to get free cardboard moving boxes

1. Friends and Family: A Goldmine of Boxes

Your inner circle can be a treasure trove. Ask friends and family for any leftover moving boxes from their recent moves. They’ll likely be more than happy to pass them on, saving you money and helping them declutter.

2. Local Supermarkets: Shop for Free Boxes

Head to your local supermarket – a goldmine for sturdy boxes. Grocery stores often discard sturdy and large cardboard boxes that hold merchandise. Just drop by and ask – they might have a surplus waiting to be reused.

3. Fast Food Restaurants: Quick Stops for Boxes

Your favourite fast-food joint can be a source of free-moving boxes. Restaurants receive regular stock deliveries in sturdy boxes. Swing by and ask if they have any extras. It’s a win-win – you get boxes, and they save on recycling costs.

4. Coffee Shops: Brew Up Some Boxes

Local coffee shops are not just for your caffeine fix; they’re also a spot for free moving boxes. Coffee shops receive deliveries in durable boxes. Pop in and ask – chances are they’ll be happy to help you caffeinate your move.

5. Office Buildings: A Corporate Box Haven

Office spaces often discard large and robust boxes from their shipments. Check with local office buildings, especially those with retail spaces. They might have a stash of boxes waiting to be recycled, and you’re more than welcome to take them off their hands.

6. Facebook Marketplace: Boxes at Your Fingertips

Navigate to Facebook Marketplace for a virtual treasure hunt. Many people give away free moving boxes after a move. A quick message can secure you a batch of boxes from someone eager to clear out their post-move clutter.

7. Print Shops: Print Your Way to Boxes

Print shops receive paper shipments in sizable boxes. Swing by your local print shop and ask if they have any spare moving boxes. It’s a win-win – they save on recycling costs, and you get free, sturdy boxes for your move.

8. Community Groups: Connect for Boxes

Join local community groups, either online or in person. Many community members give away moving boxes after a relocation. Connecting with your community not only helps the environment but also saves you money on boxes.

8 places to get Free Cardboard Moving Boxes 2

More places to get Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

9. Recycling Centres: Eco-Friendly Boxes

Recycling centres are more than just drop-off points for used items. Some have designated areas for free items, including moving boxes. Check with your local recycling centre to see if they offer free boxes for reuse.

10. Local School: Learning from Boxes

Schools receive regular deliveries, and those boxes can be a perfect fit for your move. Reach out to your local school or check with their administration office. They might be willing to part with sturdy boxes they no longer need.

11. Local Area: Explore Your Surroundings

Explore your local area for hidden gems. Take a stroll around your neighbourhood, and you might find free moving boxes left out for others to pick up. Keep an eye out for “Free Boxes” signs or friendly neighbours willing to share.

12. Discount Store: Bargain Boxes

Discount stores often have an abundance of sturdy boxes from stocking and restocking their shelves. Visit a local discount store and ask if they have any spare boxes. You might find a bargain beyond the discounted items inside.

13. Packing Boxes: Ask at Packing Supply Stores

Visit local packing supply stores and inquire about free boxes. Sometimes, these stores have leftover boxes from their stock, and they’ll happily give them away. It’s worth checking with them before you purchase new boxes.

14. Local Recycling Centre: Earth-Friendly Boxes

While recycling centres are known for recycling, they’re also sources of reusable boxes. Some centres have dedicated areas where people can drop off or pick up free moving boxes. It’s a green way to get what you need.

15. Moving Boxes in the UK: Brits on the Move

For those moving to the UK, specific online platforms cater to free moving boxes. Websites like Freecycle and Gumtree often have listings where people give away moving boxes. Browse these platforms to find free boxes near you.

16. Long-Term Value: Planning for the Future

Think long-term with your free moving boxes. Once you’ve settled into your new place, consider passing them on to someone else in need. It’s a cycle that keeps the boxes moving and helps the community.

17. Neighborly Bonds: Ask Around in Your Area

Don’t underestimate the power of local connections. Ask your neighbours if they have any spare boxes or if they know of anyone who does. Sometimes, a simple chat can lead you to a stash of free moving boxes right next door.

18. Small Businesses: Boxes from Local Shops

Local small businesses, especially those that sell products, receive regular shipments. Visit these shops and inquire about free moving boxes. They might have sturdy boxes waiting to be reused.

19. Local Moving Companies: Check with the Pros

Reach out to local moving companies. They deal with boxes day in and day out and might have a surplus of boxes from previous moves. They might even offer them for free as a goodwill gesture.

20. Campus Areas: Student-Generated Boxes

If you live near a college or university, check around campus areas. Students moving in and out often discard moving boxes. Reach out to student housing or look for boxes near popular student hangouts.

21. Community Bulletin Boards: Digital Notices

Check online community bulletin boards. Platforms like Nextdoor often have members giving away free items, including moving boxes. Digital notices can lead you to a stash of free boxes nearby.

22. Public Libraries: Bookish Boxes

Public libraries receive book shipments in sturdy boxes. Visit your local library and ask if they have any spare boxes. It’s a great way to reuse boxes while supporting your local library.

23. Bookstores: Literary Boxes

Bookstores receive book deliveries in strong and durable boxes. Swing by a local bookstore and inquire if they have any boxes available. You might score some literary-themed boxes for your move.

24. Construction Sites: Sturdy Materials: 8 places to get Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

If there’s construction happening in your area, check with the workers. Construction sites often have sturdy boxes from materials like tiles, flooring, or appliances. These boxes can be perfect for heavy items during your move.

25. Apartment Complexes: Shared Resources: 8 places to get Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

If you live in an apartment complex, there’s a good chance other residents have recently moved in or out. Check common areas or community spaces for free moving boxes. Shared resources make the hunt easier.


A Moving Adventure with Free Boxes

Moving doesn’t have to drain your wallet. With these 25 sources for free cardboard moving boxes, your move can be both eco-friendly and budget-friendly. SOL Moves believes in making your move as smooth as possible, starting with finding the perfect boxes at no cost. Happy moving!