Top 10 Things to Do In Spain

Spain is an incredible country with a rich, vibrant culture that has something for everyone. From its stunning architecture and breathtaking beaches to its lively cities and authentic cuisine, there are countless unique experiences to be had in Spain. We are an expert European Removals Company here at Sol Moves, specialising in UK to Spain removals; here are the top 10 top things to do in Spain you don’t want to miss.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, a cultural immersion, or just a relaxing getaway, this beautiful country has something to offer. From taking in the stunning views of the Alhambra in Granada to sampling the delicious tapas in Madrid, these experiences will leave you with a lifelong appreciation for the country and its culture. So explore Spain and make sure to check off each of these unforgettable experiences from your list!

#1 Taking in the stunning views of the Alhambra in Granada

The Alhambra is an architectural masterpiece that was once the royal palace of the Nasrid dynasty. Located in Granada, Andalusia, the Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important Spanish architectural sites. Built in the early 13th century, the Alhambra was constructed with a combination of Arabic and Islamic architectural styles.

The structure is surrounded by beautiful lush gardens with fountains, walkways, and water channels. Inside you’ll find intricately designed rooms decorated with stunning Islamic art and architecture. Be sure to visit the Palaces of the Alhambra and Generalife, the Sacromonte, and the Albayzin to get a complete experience.

Don’t miss these stunning views and make sure to add them to your bucket list of unforgettable experiences in Spain.

#2 Exploring the ancient city of Seville

Spain’s colourful and vibrant culture can be seen best in its cities. Seville, in Andalusia, is one of Spain’s most popular cities and has been referred to as the “City of Music”. Visiting Seville will take you back in time. Explore the narrow, winding streets of the city centre, where you’ll discover ancient buildings and monuments dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

Wander through the famous Plaza de España, an architectural landmark, and see the famous bronze statue of La Giralda, a 16th-century bell tower. You can’t miss the Plaza de Toros, which is the city’s famous bullfighting ring. Seville is one of the best cities in Spain and is known for its rich history and culture.

Make sure to add this vibrant city to your list of unforgettable experiences in Spain.

#3 Sampling the delicious tapas in Madrid

There’s nothing better than savouring delicious Spanish tapas in Madrid, Spain’s capital city. Madrid is a vibrant city and is filled with excellent tapas bars that serve up Spain’s most authentic and delicious tapas. You can find tapas bars in any neighbourhood and at any time of the day.

To visit Madrid is to visit the best tapas bars in the city. There are many to choose from, but these are 5 of the best that you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Botafumeiro: This bar is popular among locals and tourists alike. Botafumeiro’s signature dish is the salted cod with potato and eggs.
  2. El Tizon: This bar specializes in meat dishes. You can order a full roast pig, lamb, suckling pig, or different types of ham.
  3. Casa Lucas: This bar specializes in seafood and rice dishes. You can order clams, scallops, prawns, or salmon.
  4. La Chata: This bar specializes in different types of potatoes. You can order patatas bravas, patatas a lo pobre, or patatas a la inglesa.
  5. La Finca: This bar specializes in different types of meat. You can order chorizos, salchichas, morcilla, or carne asada.

#4 Enjoying the coastal views in Barcelona

The 4th of the top 10 things to do in Spain is for sure, Barcelona, a perfect city to visit in Spain. Spend time exploring the city’s picturesque beaches, sandy coves, and lively seaside promenade. Explore the landmarks of the Eixample District, including the Casa Mila and the Sagrada Familia.

Be sure to visit the top attractions, like the Parc Guell, the Barcelona Aquarium, the Maritime Museum, and the Palau de la Musica Catalana. Barcelona is a beautiful coastal city with endless things to explore and see. A visit to this exciting city will leave you with a lifetime of unforgettable experiences in Spain.

#5 Taking a day trip to Ibiza

Ibiza, in the western part of Spain, is the perfect day trip from Madrid or Barcelona. Visit Punta Balena to see the world’s largest colony of cliff swallows. Visit the famous Ibiza Cathedral, which dates back to the 15th century.

You can also visit Santa Eularia des Riu, one of the largest dune beaches in Europe. The Es Vedra is a strange rock formation that looks like an island. Explore the rest of the island and visit the charming small towns, like Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Sant Antoni de Portmany, San Mateo, and Sant Antonio de s’Eiver.

Take a day trip to Ibiza and explore this beautiful island.

#6 Exploring the charming cobblestone streets of Toledo

Toledo is another beautiful Spanish city within the top 10 things to do in Spain that you have to visit. Explore the charming cobblestone streets that have remained unchanged since medieval times. Visit the famous Plaza de Zocodover and the Cathedral of Toledo, which dates back to the 12th century.

Visit the nearby Royal Alcazar to explore the beautiful gardens and see the famous Moorish architecture. You can also visit the Cathedral of Toledo, which is famous for its stained-glass windows. There are many other beautiful sights to see in Toledo, including the City Hall.

Explore the charming streets of Toledo and enjoy all that it has to offer.

#7 Discovering the hidden gems of Valencia

Valencia is another beautiful Spanish city that you have to visit. Explore the city’s many hidden gems, like the Catedral and the Plaza de la Virgen. See the famous City of Arts and Sciences, which features stunning architectural designs. Explore the nearby Park del Agua, known for its aquatic sculptures.

You can also visit the Central Market, where you can find fresh fruit, vegetables, and seafood. Explore the Central Market, followed by a visit to the nearby Museum of Arts and Sciences to see the many interesting exhibits. You can also visit the nearby Torres de Serrano and the Castillo de Sagunto to see stunning views of the city.

Valencia is full of hidden gems that you have to explore.

#8 Basking in the sun on the beaches of Mallorca

Mallorca is another Spanish island that you can visit. Explore the beautiful beaches, the lively coastal towns, and the charming fishing villages. Visit the Cathedral of Palma to see the impressive architecture; this is for sure one of the top 10 things to do in Spain.

You can also visit the Fornalutx to see the amazing nature and culture. Explore the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Palma to see the interesting artworks. You can also visit the Lluc Monastery, which is known for its architecture and design.

There are many interesting things to do and see in Mallorca. You can also visit the nearby Tramuntana Mountains and watch the beautiful sunset.

#9 Taking in the breathtaking views of the Picos de Europa mountains

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, visit the stunning Picos de Europa mountains in northern Spain. Explore the stunning views of the mountains, lakes, and forests. Visit the Lagos de Covadonga, where you can enjoy the fresh water and natural beauty.

You can also explore the stunning views from the famous Peña de Europa, the tallest mountain in the range. There are many other beautiful sights to see in the Picos de Europa, including the Parque Nacional de Covadonga, the Covadonga Falls, and the Rias Baixas. Explore the stunning views of the Picos de Europa mountains and enjoy one of the best top 10 things to do in Spain.

#10 Enjoying a Sunset Cruise Along the Mediterranean Coast

There are few better ways to experience the beauty of Spain’s coastline than on a sunset cruise. The city of Barcelona is a great starting point for this experience, as it is close to most of the cruise ship terminals. The Mediterranean Coast between Barcelona and Valencia is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

Several cruise companies offer this experience along the coast. If you’re looking for the best experience, you may want to splurge on a more expensive cruise company. This will give you access to nicer ships with larger viewing decks and better amenities.

A sunset cruise along the Mediterranean Coast will cost around £35 per person. Visit the Turisme de Barcelona website for a full list of cruise companies and ticket information. Here at Sol Moves,  we hope this article encourages you to explore our top 10 things to do in Spain.