Why move to Brighton?

There are many reasons why someone may wish to relocate to Brighton. There are many positives about the city, many of which come from its educational institutions.

Brighton has a myriad of good schools and universities. This is important for many parents and children, as education lasts a lifetime. Furthermore, it is essential that children and young people be happy with their schooling.

As for transport, there is a great network of buses. These can be used all over the city, and make for both easy transport and that which is better than using cars, etc.

The beach is a big part of Brighton’s attractions, which brings many people to the city in the summer. It is a great place for children and families to have a day out. The Pier isn’t to be forgotten, which is also on the beach, and also boasting many things to do. This includes rides, attractions, and more.

Within Brighton, there is a variety of restaurants, ranging in price. This will allow everyone to experience a meal out, no matter their budget.

Whilst there are shopping facilities available for those who enjoy it, there is also wonderful countryside around Brighton. This can be very appealing for those who appreciate both. Being somewhere such as this will present residents with a good mix of activities that can be taken part in both the city and countryside.

Another reason why people may choose to reside in Brighton is due to its proximity to London. Brighton offers affordable living whilst being close to London is commutable, and residents will not have to pay London prices for their accommodation.