Why move to Edinburgh?

Edinburgh has a lot to offer to potential new residents. Besides the existing residents being extremely welcoming, there are also many attractions to see.

For example, many festivals take place within Edinburgh, such as the Fringe Festival and the international festival that they host. This can be a good way to meet new people in a fun setting.

In addition, Edinburgh is the backdrop for several TV shows and films. Being on the big screen has certainly brought more tourism to Edinburgh, and has made people much more aware of the amazing city. Some of the films shot here include Trainspotting, Avengers: Infinity War, and The Da Vinci Code.

On the other side of things, Edinburgh has also been named the most haunted city in Scotland. This can be exciting for new residents who find this interesting and wish to know more. There are activities centred around this fact which they will likely enjoy, such as tours.

It is not difficult to get around Edinburgh, as there is fantastic public transportation, which has been labelled as first-class. On the other hand, Edinburgh is easily walkable, meaning people can come and go around the city.

For families, new residents will be very reassured to know that Edinburgh is classed as a very safe city. This can make the difference for those relocating with children, or for young adults that may be moving into the area.

What is there to do here?

Further attractions include the castle that is in the centre of the city, which was built in the 12th century. This on its own is worth seeing, and it is doubtful that the residents of Edinburgh will ever get used to seeing such a sight right on their doorstep.

In addition, there are lots of parks which make for good picnic areas and play areas for families with children. Sometimes parents may worry that there is not enough for children to take part in; in Edinburgh, it is the opposite!

Edinburgh also has a university, which means that students may be new residents to the area. Therefore, the nightlife may be important to them. The nightlife here is exciting, and there will be a scene for everyone to enjoy.

An amazing fact about this city is that it inspired Harry Potter. The possible new residents may or may not be aware of this, but undoubtedly they will want to explore. It can be a cool day out to discover the inspiration behind such a huge franchise, especially if you are a fan.