Why move to Leeds?

Leeds has become much more popular over recent years, due to more and more people being aware of the city.

There are many reasons why Leeds is becoming more recognised. From the tech industry that is evolving here, to the fact that it was voted the best cultural place to live in Britain in 2017. There are countless reasons.

For those who enjoy film and cinema, Leeds has a great background. It even hosts the Leeds International Film Festival. This is great for new residents hoping to meet other members of their community and make new friends.

In addition, people relocating here may be a fan of shopping. If they are moving from a location where there were not many shops to be seen, they will be shocked at the 8 indoor shopping centres within Leeds. This can make for a good day out with friends, and lots can be seen.

What is there to do in Leeds?

As with similar cities in the UK, Leeds is easy to discover on foot. However, public transport is also readily available and super accessible. Therefore, new residents will be able to take advantage of the numerous speakeasy bars, music venues, pubs, wine bars, clubs, etc. There are many options for those wishing to experience the nightlife here. Again, this can be a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Families can also have lots to do here. There is the Royal Armouries museum and lots of artwork to be witnessed. Plus, there is lots of green space to be found. This is refreshing for those who may wish to see some greenery within a city. Furthermore, there is also lovely countryside surrounding the city, allowing for lots of outdoor activities to take place.