Why move to London?

As the capital of the UK, London has some of the widest range of activities, amenities, and facilities to offer.

There are numerous reasons why London attracts so many new residents, with the opportunities being one of the main reasons. Besides the fact that London houses many world-recognised places, attractions, and more, there are further reasons for moving here.

When new residents move to London, they will be able to see the massive variation of communities, and how multicultural the capital is. London is like no other, with people flocking here from around the globe just to experience it.

Of course, to live in London, you mustn’t mind the bustle of people. Notoriously busy, this location is always on the go, day and night. It has proved to be too much for some people, whereas others enjoy the constant buzz of the city.

Living in London means that you won’t have to travel far to see some of the world-famous landmarks. With the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben on your doorstep, you can revel in the fact that these sights will become common to you.

Furthermore, London still boasts a huge diversity of architecture. There are buildings and sites from the Roman, Tudor, Stuart, and Victorian periods remaining in London to this day. This can be interesting to see and understand how cities develop and change.

What is there to do in London?

A very important factor for those living in and around London is transport. The city would prove to be extremely difficult to navigate without the underground and buses. These transport methods are very easy to get the hang of and provide you with accessibility to the whole city. The underground even has wifi for you to use!

If this is not your thing, then the city has lots of Boris bikes that can be used. Cycling around the city can prove to be much easier than driving, however, you must still take care! There are many vehicles on the road so safety is key.

Whilst there are many permanent fixtures within London, there are many events which allow for temporary fixtures too. This can include pop-up shops and cafes, to give residents the chance to try something new. There is always something different going on in London, so you can never get bored.

London is also able to boast its own UNESCO World Heritage sites, which can gather many people from all over to come and see. This adds a bit more culture and excitement to such a big location.