Why move to Manchester?

There is a lot more to Manchester than meets the eye. Often the alternative for those who want to live in a city but don’t want to face the stress of living in London. Manchester is becoming increasingly popular.

This isn’t to say that Manchester isn’t as great as London. It’s saying the opposite. People and new residents are choosing to reside here due to the sheer amount of opportunities offered. In addition, there are many amenities, activities, and facilities up for grabs.

Voted as the best city to live in in 2018, Manchester has an impressive background. Not to mention that many famous people were born here. They include Alan Turing and Emmeline Pankhurst. Furthermore, Manchester boasts more famous musicians than any other UK city. With names such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, and more originating here. The music industry here is known worldwide.

Transportation in and out of Manchester is easily accessible. Especially within the city. For example, there is the hop-on-hop-off shuttle bus that is free of charge. There is the tram, which is super straightforward to use, and the Metrolink. All of these methods can be picked up easily. They allow new residents to experience how to get around the city.

As for transportation out of the city, the airport can fly people to up to 199 different destinations around the world. Therefore, some people may choose to fly abroad from Manchester as it is not as busy as London.

What is there to do in Manchester?

With the vast array of things going on, there is something new for everyone. New residents can be reassured that this city is cheaper to live in than London, and you can get great value for money. With the largest amount of new restaurants opening here than anywhere else in the UK, there will never be a shortage of options.

Manchester is often chosen by new residents because not only is it a beautiful city, but they can lead an amazing life here. Not too far from the countryside, residents won’t have to worry about always being in the city but can go and take part in recreational activities in the countryside. This also makes for brilliant days out, especially if you have a family.