Why move to Peterborough?

Peterborough is lucky to have lots of green space. This is greatly appreciated by the residents and can appeal to new residents too. It can be a very welcome change from the greyness of a big city. Some people will choose to move to this location for that reason.

This area is chosen by many new residents due to the transport connections it has. For example, you can reach Lincolnshire, Norfolk, and London from Peterborough via the railway or road. This makes it a popular location for those wanting to live in a smaller city, but who are willing to commute for their job. Some people prefer commuting, as they are not stuck in a big, noisy city all the time.

Peterborough is a good choice for those potential new residents who have families. This is due to the surrounding facilities, which are very child-friendly. Included in this are the Nene Valley Railway, the country park, and further activities for children to take part in. It is ideal to have these facilities on your doorstep. It can make a move that bit easier for children, who may be hesitant about moving home.

Furthermore, this location is a good place for those moving home for the first time. This is because it is not too big of a jump. People moving here are less likely to be overwhelmed compared to those moving to London or Manchester for the first time. It is a good middle ground to discover what you like about the area and if you would like to continue living there.