Why move to Cordoba?

With a wide range of activities to suit the whole family, Cordoba is a location that has it all.

The historical city centre boasts being listed as a world heritage site, and everything is suitable to be visited by foot. There is extraordinary artwork, family-oriented local citizens, a pleasant climate, and more.

Showing a more modern side to this location, Cordoba has ensured that the whole city has 4G for everyone to use.

Cordoba is such a popular location for those relocating due to the ease of eating a healthy diet, without paying the price tag. Fresh vegetables and fruits are grown locally, which means that accessibility to these foods is not a problem.

Furthermore, public transport around Cordoba is regular, meaning it is both predictable and dependable. Plus, for those moving to Cordoba from perhaps a larger location, there are lots of large supermarkets, so they will not have to worry about these essentials.

Things to know when moving here

Whether you’ve thought about it or not, moving abroad comes with a lot of responsibility. You will have to sort several things, such as utility bills, your previous property, and more.

The list may seem endless, but once you start organising and preparing, it will be a lot easier. We recommend writing everything down that you can think of. This will allow you to work through everything and ensure nothing is missed.

Furthermore, it may be worth asking friends and family for some advice on how to plan your move. They may be able to offer some insight that you haven’t thought of and even give you a hand.