Why move to Crevillent?

Being a bit further away from the bigger cities, it is a good idea to have access to a vehicle. This is useful for exploring a bit further out than the local amenities.

Crevillent has had a population for more than 2,000 years. To put this into perspective, there were residents here before the Romans entered Spain all those years ago.

Making a name for itself through its industry in carpet making back in the 18th century, there is a long history to explore. Now a more industrial town, and more modern, it is a lovely place to reside.

The closest big city would be Elche, which is ideal for those who require these facilities. On the other hand, there is also the El Hondo nature reserve, which is great for outdoor trips. This can be interesting for those who enjoy nature and want to take part in some activities. Furthermore, there is the Nuestra Senora de Belen, the oldest church in Crevillent. As well as this, there is the old town hall, which can make for fun day trips.

Things to know when moving here

Moving to Crevillent may require more organisation and planning than moving within your home country. It is a big step to move, let alone move abroad.

We recommend that you try and think of all the things you need to deal with before you do move. This can include contacting your local council, energy suppliers etc. These are all very important, as it can be difficult to try and deal with this while overseas.

You will also have to consider other factors such as schools if you have children, your new job, etc. Public transport can also be important if you’re going to be commuting.