Why move to Denia?

Denia is known as a location which offers a myriad of entertainment, such as theatre dinner shows, restaurants with live music, international group classes for languages, and more.

The residents have been seen as approachable and amicable, which makes it much easier for those relocating to Denia. The atmosphere within has also been described as genuinely Spanish. This may be something that can determine your move.

With scenery such as mountains and beaches, not to mention the historic old town castle, there is plenty to see.

Many people visiting and residing in Denia have expressed their enjoyment at the different weekly markets. This can be a great activity for those getting used to the area and gives them a chance to get their bearings.

Sights such as the castle grounds are good for those wanting to explore, not to mention the archaeology museum and the marinas. These marinas offer rides on the ferry to the Balearic Islands, which can be exciting.

Affordability is also a good factor in this location, allowing people to make the most of their money.

Things to know when moving to Denia

Moving abroad requires a large amount of organisation and planning. Moving to Denia might allow you to sit and write a list of all the things you need to do. This can be anything from packing some small belongings to contacting some estate agents.

Furthermore, it is recommended to speak to any professionals that may give you the advice you need. This can range from employers, friends, family, mortgage advisers, etc.

Finally, ensure that you have completed all necessary tasks before you make the jump. Things can become difficult if you haven’t sorted this all before you move home.