Why move to Elche?

Elche presents its residents with local markets, allowing there to be lots of different things on offer. This can help new residents to experience the local foods and other things that are within this location.

In addition, there is a rich history, and this is shown through the world heritage listed UNESCO sites. There are currently 3 of these UNESCO sites, which are the Pusol School Museum, the Mystery Play of Elche, and historic Palm Grove.

For those relocating here with their families, there are also facilities for this. An animal park is located within the city, which is family-friendly and suitable for children. Furthermore, within Alicante, Elche has one of the lowest crime rates recorded.

This can be a huge factor in reassuring parents and families about moving to a new area

Things to know when moving to Elche

You will know that there is a lot to take care of when moving home. It may seem that this can be intensified by moving abroad. The best port of call is to decide what is most important and go from there.

This can include ringing around estate agents to find a property, organising for your property to go on the market, etc. It could even be to start making arrangements for a new bank account, the list is endless