Why move to Granada?

Granada is an amazing place to experience a range of cultures, and there are many different people to be met here. From the University of Granada students to the residents, there is a wide range of diverse people within this area.

For those relocating to Granada, it can be reassuring to know that there are a range of meetups and classes that can be taken part in. These can include language classes, classes about the surrounding area, and more.

There are two sides to Granada, from the nightclubs and nightlife to the daily local markets. These varying scenes will attract different people, so there will always be someone new to meet and talk to.

As for scenery, Granada itself is located right at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This makes for good hiking, as well as a variety of different activities to take part in.

There is Sacromonte, which holds some brilliant cafes, which have been carved into the caves within. There are also flamenco shows which are exciting to watch.

Transport around Granada relies on a city transit system, which comes regularly and can be a brilliant tool for those exploring

Things to know when moving to Granada

It can be confusing to sort everything out when moving home. There is a lot to manage and a lot of paperwork to be done.

This applies if you are either renting or buying/selling your home. There is a lot to understand and sign. If you feel that you need help during this time, there are many professionals available to you. You can speak with estate agents, mortgage lenders, etc. They will have a good idea of what you need to prepare for and plan.

Of course, there will be further things to organise, which can include schools, jobs, pets, and more. You must make the right arrangements as soon as possible