Why move to Motril?

Motril has lots to offer in the way of history. From its pre-industrial sugar cane museum as proof of its part in the sugar industry, through to the mining centre.

There are many ways to explore Motril. This includes guided tours, which can be extremely useful to those new to the area. Furthermore, the municipal market can be ideal for those also new to the area. It gives a taste of the local flavours. It can also be easier to go to the municipal market while new residents are getting their bearings before they venture out to find bigger supermarkets.

Adding to this, Motril is known for producing its own rum locally. This can be exciting for those who enjoy locally made goods. There are also fisheries which provide food and goods to the locals, which can be a nice change for those relocating from overseas.

There are beaches suitable for both adults and children, depending on their lifestyle. For example, there are lots of normal beaches which can be enjoyed by families. However, there are also nudist beaches for those adults who prefer this.

Motril presents lots of cultural opportunities. This is good for adults and children alike. From the history museum through to recreational activities offered, there will be something to satisfy everyone.

Things to know when moving to Motril

Don’t be worried about moving to Motril. With the advice available from professionals, friends, and family, your relocation can be much easier than you may think.

Of course, there will be a long list of things to be sorted. This can range from registering at a new GP to redirecting your mail to your new address.

While things may seem hectic for a while, you can rest easy knowing that it will all be done. Trying to sort and manage these factors when you are no longer in the country can be difficult.