Why move to Murcia?

Murcia has a lot on offer, especially cost-wise. Being known for its low living costs, as well as the Mediterranean climate, Murcia is popular.

There are two sides to Murcia. There are city-wide performances of music and celebrations for religious holidays, and then there is the historical old centre. The old town centre holds many different things, such as chain shops, high-end boutiques, and more.

Not to mention, it is super affordable to eat out at restaurants. This can be exciting for new residents, so they can experience their new home. In general, Murcia is known as one of the cheaper areas to reside in within Spain, which is why it draws so many people in.

Public transport can be essential for some people. Therefore, they will be reassured to know that there are trains, buses, and trams in Murcia. These are all relatively easy to use and can be a good way to do some exploring.

If diet is important to you, then you will be glad. Murcia has earned the nickname of ‘the Market Garden of Europe.’ Due to the massive variation of agriculture and food here, Murcia is known for its continent and country-wide exportation of goods.

Things to know when moving to Murcia

As with any other move, there will be lots to take care of. Additionally, moving to another country will bring with it further things to manage. This can include getting new home insurance, opening a local bank account, etc.

It is easier said than done when sorting all the necessities. It can be a handful, so if you are able, it may be worth asking some friends and family for help.

You will have to think about things such as the size of the home you’ll be moving into, what belongings you’ll be taking, etc. This can take a lot of time and organisation, so it is best to start early.